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Veggie Kitchen The Veggie Kitchen started in 2002 and offers pure vegetarian cookery courses in Stanmore, Harrow, Middlesex. Specialising in Indian cuisines as well as Thai, Chinese and many more, you will learn to cook nutritious and delicious vegetarian meals to suit your lifestyle in a friendly and homely environment.

In these vegetarian cooking classes you will learn special vegetarian cooking techniques and handy tips when preparing meals as well as health benefits. These classes are an excellent way of improving your vegetarian cookery or learning how to prepare home-cooked food which is healthy, tasty and beautifully served and totally meat-free.

For everyone from beginners through to accomplished home cooks, these vegetarian cookery classes provide inspiration and ideas that are easily achievable in your own veggie kitchen with the emphasis on simplicity and fun. We offer group courses and one-to-one hands on courses.

For more information on the variety of courses we offer, explore our Veggie Classes pages.

A selection of useful and popular kitchen gadgets and utensils especially chosen by The Veggie Kitchen and gift vouchers are also available for purchase. 

THERMOMIX Demonstration. Call Jyoti Shah on 0208 204 1906 if you are interested in hosting a demo.

Check out Upcoming courses in Course Dates tab above for new course start dates. For recipe information in each class checkout the tabs under Veggie Classes menu above.


Group Courses Special New Year


on the following Group Courses.

Beginners Course 1 starting on 10/01/2017 - every Tuesday

Course 3 starting on 14/01/2017 - every Saturday

Course 2 starting on 12/01/2017 - every Thursday

Course 3 starting on 11/01/2017 - every Wednesday

Course 3 starting on 03/02/2017 - every Friday


Places are available in the following Group Based Classes. Call or Email Veggie Kitchen to book a place in one or more classes.

Date Time Class / Recipes Price
17/01/2017 7.45pm - 9.45pm

Course 1- Class 2 Rice & accompaniments

24/01/2017 7.45pm - 9.45pm Course 1- Class 3 Appetisers £35
31/01/2017 7.45pm - 9.45pm Course 1- Class 4 Full Menu I £35
07/02/2017 7.45pm - 9.45pm Course 1- Class 5 Starters £35
14/02/2017 7.45pm - 9.45pm Course 1- Class 6 Light Meals £35
28/02/2017 7.45pm - 9.45pm Course 1- Class 7 Full Menu II £35
14/03/2017 7.45pm - 9.45pm Course 1- Class 8 Snacks £35


Eggless Cakes Baking & Decorating Class. Cupcakes, Marble Cake, Vanilla Sponge Cake, Chocolate Fudge Cake.

Sunday 29/01/2017 1.30pm - 5.00pm

Check website regularly for new dates.
Only £70 per class all inclusive.

Booking only accepted with advanced payment.

For full details of all upcoming courses following this link to Upcoming Courses

To download PDF copy of the All Group Courses Menus click here

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